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ASP Automated Sales Process

The question is not whether you need an ASP – Automated Sales Process system, but when do you want to implement it.

The sales funnel, CRM, email box, efficient calendar, company documentsmailing system, fast communication with customers. There is a lot of, as you would think small topics, but if you do not organize them well you can encounter problems.
ASP is implemented to give you control of all of these aspects.

The goal – perfect B2B sales process management and efficient way of 
acquiring new customers.

What do you get


more effective management of the sales funnel


more efficient customer acquisition


full sales department control

weeks of saved time with implementation

What will I implement

CRM – why do you need such a solution in your company?

If you want to control communication with your customers effectively (no matter if current or potential ones), you must implement CRM into your company. Do not hesitate to think for a second! There are several reasons why.
First of all, CRM is one central database where you can store information about your customers, orders, appointments – calendar, notes and much more.

Secondly, even if your crucial salesperson leaves your company, you still have access to all the information about your customers, appointments and orders in progress.

Third but not the last – an integrated mailbox! Each email sent or received from the customer immediately appears in CRM. All the emails are linked to that client. You send emails from your mailbox, and your 
CRM will automatically associate them with a certain buyer. Also, emails sent from CRM will appear in your mailbox. It is so called bi-directional synchronization.


The mailbox is another, significant puzzle in the entire picture. How does it work? How can we integrate it with other software? What 
functionalities does it offer?

When choosing mailbox there are few important functionalities you have 
to pay attention to:

  – reliability of the service provider itself – check the opinions
  – the possibility to integrate it with the selected CRM
  – mailbox capacity
  – integration with other applications such as calendar (etc.)
  – spelling autocorrection
  – labeling/tagging messages

Database – For sure you know that you need it, but do you know how to build it yourself?

Let’s assume that we have already set up everything that we wanted – mailbox, CRM, message templates, snippets, etc. Everything looks good but…. just a little empty. Don’t you think?

I will guide you on how to build a database and obtain contact details of potential customers.
The source of our search will be the internet, but not only. You must have a plan and an idea of what shall we take under consideration. It is better to plan activities ahead and know where to start from.

How about Invoicing? In addition to the database, CRM and mailbox, you will also need the billing system. You issue invoices to your customers on a daily basis. My solution will be simple to implement, low-budget, very flexible and consist of different functionalities.

How the implementation process looks like

Do not worry! The implementation of the ASP process will not affect your company’s resources, personal or technical. In the ASP process, we use SaaS-type software – sell as a service. That means that you do not have to make a technological revolution in your company. Also, personal resources will be absorbed minimally, as much as it would be necessary to adapt the entire process to the environment in which your company operates.

1. Current sales process analysis

I will check what you already have, what works and what is far from perfection

2. ASP adapted to your needs

I carry out a detailed interview in order to reach your sales goal

3. I implement and train

I implement ASP into your company and train people responsible for the sale processes


How long does the implementation of ASP take?

Full ASP – Automated Sales Process implementation in the B2B sector together with team training takes up to 5 business days on average

What are the costs of ASP implementation?

Submit the form below to get a price, but don’t be worry, the cost won’t kill your budget! 

What are the monthly maintaining costs of ASP?

Depending on the number of functionalities used, CRM, mailbox, email marketing, marketing automation, etc. – starts from 5 EUR/user

Do I get post-implementation assistance?

Yes of course! Up to 10 days after the ASP implementation you can chat with me or write to me.

Is further service possible?

Yes if you need further help regarding work monitoring or ASP development please contact me.

Previous implementations

ProTipster Ltd.

ProTipster is a global tipsters platform


 ASP – Automated Sales Process was implemented at the beginning of 2018. There are about 1,000 potential customers in the system. Nearly 120 of them are already ProTipster business partners.

ASP helps to manage sales funnel, contacts, the flow of information about current customers, orders in progress or already launched advertising campaigns.

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Implementation of ASP - Automated Sales Process helps to organize all sales funnel, from the first contact until the deal finalized.

Specific customers need special attention, ASP brought ready to use solution: automatic survey collection, mail template, and perfectly database management.

About me

Our whole life is like a selling platform – we sell ourselves as solid people, good parents, specialists in certain fields. We sell the skills 
we have, the experience we have gained.

What do you do when you go to the market to purchase something? You negotiate. That’s the most significant part of sales skills.

I have been selling, not only in private but mainly for businesses, for over 20 years. Training, coaching, and seminars are only a small part of the process of improving these skills — thousands of hours spent with 
customers (the phone was often heated up to red) thousands of emails 
exchanged are further bricks added to my rich experience.

My passion for new technologies + experience in sales has created a combination that is extremely valuable in the age of the internet – the ability to build automated sales processes.


Are you interested in to implement ASP - Automated Sales Process?

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